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What is the Q'b-itz Craze?

Introducing "Q'b-itz" !  A unique collection set of 20 hand painted aged and stamped blocks designed to transform into 12 unique messages that highlight celebrations in the home throughout the year.  Edmonston Studios creates hand sculpted Q'b-itz celebration themed miniatures as seen in photos (sold seperately) to compliment each of the messages in the block set.  No need for a big bin to store this amazing collection block set.  It can stay out all year.   What makes the blocks unique???  They are formulated through a pattern so the tops and sides of each message are blank and no one knows the blocks make multiple messages.  They stand alone on their own.

The amazing and adorable Q'b-itz block set and sculptures made their debut at The Painted Pig artisan gallery in Lovettsville. They will be sold exclusively through this artisan gallery or direct through Edmonston Studios. Don't miss out on your opportunity have of collectible set of Q'b-itz!  

As with all of our miniature sculptures at Edmonston Studios, no molds, patterns, or stamps are used.  100% Hand crafted by the artist.  Please note Q'b-itz is a registered trademark of Edmonston Studios with patent pending.

This is just the beginning folks.  Many holiday mini sculptures will be released in the next two weeks.

Visit Edmonston Studios online store at: www.etsy.com/shop/EdmonstonStudios


The Q'b-itz craze???? Let me simply explain this amazing unique product. See the 20 blocks in the top photo above? Those same 20 blocks spell all the sayings in the bottom left photo. Thats right! 20 blocks 12 sayings, yet each saying looks as if there are no other sayings in the set. This folks is the celebration decor that stays out all year long!!!  

Add a few Q'b-itz hand sculpted miniature sculptures for each season and you have something amazingly unique and adorable!!!

As with all of our miniatures at Edmonston Studios, no molds, patterns, or stamps are used. 100% Handcrafted by the artist.

Please note Q'b-itz is a registered trademark of Edmonston Studios with patent pending.

We do custom sculptures too!  Just contact us through our store!

Please note: 

We can make add on custom blocks and letters upon request for you own personalized messages or family names.  Add only blocks are $1.75 each

All of our Q'b-itz are hand painted and stamped.  We spot check all of our sets in the handmade production process, however, if you should ever encounter an missing letter for any of the messages, please email us immediately and we will ensure you are sent a replacement block where required.

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